Monday, August 13, 2012

Cumples and Kittens

Birthday boos.

Greetings all- Sara here.  The last few weeks have been fairly normal for us down here in sudamerica.  We have been working and spending time with friends.
Last weekend, I celebrated my 28th birthday with parties, cakes and lots of chocolate.  First thing in the morning my wonderful friends and carpool buddies, Maida and Marita, picked me up with a car full of celebration- they had sweet treats with candles, presents and lots of singing.  It was a great way to start the day.

"Kit for a Lazy Day" from Charlie and Vale
Once I got to school the celebration continued- the kids were VERY excited about my birthday.  They could not wait for the party to give me my presents, so all gifts were given by 8am.  I received so many lovely things- chocolate was the overwhelming winner.  One child gave me a mug with her picture printed on it.  That officially made me feel like a teacher.  After the fury of gift-giving I had a meeting with the other third grade teachers with a delicious cake (for breakfast!)
After the meeting, I knew something fishy was going on in my classroom since all the lights were off and the children were screaming- it was a surprise party!  The kids completely organized the party themselves with costumes, snacks, decorations, music, the works.  The parents told me that the kids didn't want their help and that they wanted to do everything for the party themselves.  They did an amazing job with everything and really made me feel special.  Though 27 8-year olds hyped up on cake, chips and soda made for an interesting rest of the day.  They seemed surprised when they starting getting headaches and tummyaches- lesson learned, maybe.
Why so sad bread?
Looking forward, Matt and I are planning a trip to San Pedro de Atacama (the desert up north) for my September vacation.  We'll probably spend five days there adventuring and exploring.
We miss you all and hope you are enjoying the summer.  Please keep us updated with your going-ons via email, skype or snail mail.
Matt drinks Espressotinis like a boss.

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