Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometimes It Takes A Year

Massive chicken asado at the Charlie's for his veterinary school graduation.
The irony of the animal doctor having so much meat just dawned on me.
   Hey, everybody.  Matt here.  How've you been?  It's been a while since we posted last and we've definitely been on the receiving end of good news.  Enough chitter-chatter, let's get to talking about me (and a little about Sara too).
A Super Hog from Hogs.
Super delicious & super messy.
   First of all, I finally got myself a good job.  I'm not guiding, modeling (though that was great), or tutoring English anymore.  I'm a full-on teacher at Nido de Aguilas, one of the best schools in Latin America (from what I've heard/read).  A teacher there became quite sick mid-year and they needed an immediate replacement for US and global history; I can do that!  My classroom is at the highest point in the school and has a great view of the mountains.  I also came into the school year in time for their "Week W/o Walls" program, which had me rock-climbing with the kids all this week - very cool.  Many thanks to all those who provided recommendations/support during the application process (especially Phil, Brandon, and Eric).
Palestras del Manzano in Cajon del Maipo
   I've also been working on my own rock climbing skills.  I've been hitting the rock gym nearby at least 1-2 times a week and also got out to the rock with a gringo-friend I'm making.  I led my first 5.8 sport pitch the other day, also very cool.
   I'm still making PB, especially now that I'm working at the heart of the gringo community in Chile.  A lot of the people I've met at the school's first question was "Are you the peanut butter guy?"  Demand is up and I'm now able to afford a bottle of wine a week from PB sales instead of a sip of cheap beer.
Maida, Marita, & Sara on Teacher
Appreciation Day
   Another very nice surprise, one year into our time here in Chile, was receiving a large check from the NYCDOE.  Not going to question that one too closely as it arrived just as my final bits of US money were departing from my bank account.
   Sara has been doing what she does and doing it well.  She whips her 3rd graders into shape and has them producing great stuff.  She also got to take trip to Maitencillo (a beach town) for the long Dia de la Raza weekend.  Dia de la Raza is celebrated the week after Columbus Day in honor of the creation of Latino peoples.  I couldn't go as I had to work my final weekend at La Bicicleta Verde and was sick.  It seemed like she had a great time.
"Cheers in heaven!" - Ina @ Vero's B-Day
   We've also been having good times with friends.  We celebrated Charlie's 30th birthday/graduation from veterinary school, had roof top beer-tasting/asado, learned to make beer (very interesting, possible new hobby), and general shenanigans.
   We have a 3 day week next week for All Saints Day and are likely heading out for day trips to BBQs and Oktoberfest; oh how I love meat and beer.  We hope that all is well with you, wherever you are, and that you let us know how you are and what you're doing soon.  Don't forget to vote!
Maitencillo, Chile


  1. Congrats on your great teaching gig! I'm truly happy for you. Enjoy all the blessings that are coming yours and Sara's way.

    Things are the same at Gautier. Oh well!

    Raya is doing beautifully. I love her!

    Be well and take good care of yourself.

  2. Mr. Matt and Ms. Sara,

    Hello my name is Michael and I am currently looking for an international teaching job overseas. I am writing to you because you currently teach or taught at Nido de Aguilas and I am very interested in the school based on their website, reputation, and reviews I've read. I meet the basic credentials for applying at Nido de Aguilas and the community seems one that fits my style of teaching and philosophy: positive, respectful, engaging, technologically involved, child focused, and hard-working. I am interested in grades 3-7 and I would be greatly appreciative if I could ask you some short questions to get a better sense of the school besides what is found on their website? My contact information is

    Thank you for your time,