Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great Googly-Moogly!

The Rio Mapocho canal post-rain.
There are usually a lot of dogs down there.
  Whoa!  It's been a month already.  Matt here to try and bring you up to speed.  We live in Chile.  Now you are up to speed.
A boy I tutor.  He got Nerf guns for his birthday and his
Mom said to play with him.  Great hour of "work."
  Things have been cruising along for us right nice over the past month.  It's cooled down a lot here as things are heating up back stateside.  The winter solstice here is just a few weeks away, then the real cold sets in.  It has been perfect bicycle weather the past few weeks, which has been nice.  We even had a big rain storm for a whole weekend.
Davin from Cerro Retumbadero
   I've been trying multiple ways to make money and some are starting to see some dividends.  The peanut butter making angle actually has some buyers, which is nice.  Everyone has been complimenting me on the quality.  Many thanks to the teachers of Santiago College for being my number one clients at the moment.  I'm hoping to spread (PUN!) the good product more in the coming weeks through our building, local hostels, and word of mouth.  
3 hour scree field descent.  Davin was smart to wear gaiters.
   I've also been seeking funds through trying to be a Chilean male model.  So far I've had a few castings, but no biters yet.  I had one today for a Argentinean beer commercial.  We got to hold ice-cold Quilmes for the shoot, but were not allowed to open them (bummer).  If I land that job, it will pay a mint and include a free trip to Buenos Aires at the end of the month, which would be stellar.
Every shop in Pomaire is like this.
   On the note of Buenos Aires, Sara and I are going there in mid-July.  She has winter break from school and I am in no way employed in an important job so I can take time off.  We're going to be in Argentina for one week and Uruguay for the following week; it should be a lot of fun.  If I can land the model gig, I will be able to afford to have fun too.
Believe or not, this man is selling parking.
That's a harmonica in his hand.  The hair flaps.
   It has been fun having Davin and Molly in Santiago.  They're volunteering, exploring, and playing frisbee.  Davin and I made a trip out to the mountains a few weekends ago, which was fun.  We hiked up a smaller peak near the end of the nearby canyon, Cajon de Maipo.  That was the weekend of the rain, so we got snowed on up there before getting drenched in rain while scrambling out of a drainage; Davin loved it.
At a party at Finocco, Rice, and Pollo's office.
   Last weekend Sara and I went to the village of Pomaire, which is famous for its ceramics.  They also make 1 kg empanadas.  The town was interesting, but I'm not sure if/when I will return.  The excitement level of the town can be spoken to by its prevalent population: old ladies.  However, it was nice to be out of the city for the day.
The House of Pot.  Flagrant mis-advertising
   We also have been visiting Parque Quinta Normal, which is about 15 minutes west of us by bike.  It is a great park with a lot of cool museums around it.  In the few times we've been we've visited the natural history museum (good) and the Museum of Human Rights and Memory (great).
   I'll turn things over to Sara now to fill you in on her take on life here in Santiago.  Ciao.

2012 3rd Grade Team: Chabe, Me, Susy, Maca y Pili
Pre-Human Rights Museum
Hola!  Sara in the house.  I have been kept quite busy with Santiago College.  My class has a lot of interesting characters who always keep me on my feet (teachers-you know what that means).  Regardless, it's a whole lot of fun to go to work everyday.  We do fun projects and investigations that make learning and teaching exciting.  Ms. Connelly always told me I needed to work somewhere else to really know what teaching is like.  She is absolutely right!  I still struggle with the fact that I teach VERY privileged children, but I remind myself that all children need a loving and supportive teacher.  We just finished a great unit on immigration and are moving onto plants.  The kids are super-pumped to be doing experiments and getting their hands dirty!   
I am continuing to work on my Spanish.  I take classes with my teacher, Romina, twice a week.  It is going to be a sloooow road, but I will not give up!  We will not be returning to the States until I have (semi-)mastered this language.  So, I guess we'll see you when we're 60.  
The clementines at the National Cemetery
were not good - no wonder.
"Mmmm......gimme gimme"

As Matt mentioned, we've been keeping our weekends busy exploring various sites in Santiago and the surrounding area.  The museums around Quinta Normal are great (along with the park), Pomaire was adorable and running into a strange music festival/hipster convention is always fun.  Here are some of my own photos (con captions) from our recent adventures for your enjoyment.
Navy Day Dogs!
Music section at the mall

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