Saturday, June 23, 2012

That Sounds Good

Sunrise over Cerro El Plomo
Guerilla knits outside our apartment
   Hey, ya'll.  Matt here.  Just checkin' in to let you know we're still breathing.  We've been doing what we do down here while you've been doing what you do up there.  As you all gear down for summer we're gearing up for winter.  Let's get to the rundown of what's been shaking for us.
A delicious mouthful of Ass (chopped beef and onion).  After
my first piece of ass, I knew I'd want more.
   One of my students cancelled our Monday/Friday classes indefinitely, so now I have a 3.5 day weekend every week (assuming there is no bike tour, which has slowed significantly with winter's arrival).  I used my first Friday off last week to take a trip out to the mountains.  I went to Cerro Manchon in Yerba Loca.  It was fun - stormy, cold, and exposed.
Almost all ridge line to summit
At the German Fountain in Parque Forestal
   Sara has been working at school and making friends.  We went out with some teachers from her school last night.  Like teachers everywhere, they know how to celebrate the weekend.  Sara's Spanish is improving as well.  Our friend Emily sent Sara a bunch of trash mags which were a big hit, especially for Sara when she was sick last week.  When I caught Sara's sickness the magazines did not help.
Girl time, trash mags.
   I got a callback for that beer commercial, so we'll see what happens with that.  The callback was strange.  They were holding a smartphone with Skype up to a computer screen with my live video feed on it.  The people in Argentina on the other end of the phone will decide if I get the job.  It seems like a very unusual way to secure work.  If I land it I'll be in Argentina next week at this time.  Vamos a ver.
Us and Saint Pete in Lastarria.
Saw this on a bike tour, first really nice day in weeks.
   OK.  That's about it for now.  It's a beautiful day here and the mountains look great.  Sara and I are going to Davin and Molly's going away party tonight, luckily held at gringo hours (pre-2AM).  They will be missed.  Hope all is well wherever you are.  Godspeed. 

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