Monday, July 9, 2012

On Music, Models, and M-Words

Peruvian hamburgers & expensive Bud, AMERICA(s)!
The Lyonses & some hungry friends
   Hey, everyone; Matt here.  The OK times are rolling!  We hope everyone had a sunny/explosive 4th of July.  Enough about you, on to me (us)!
Wine & Chocolate tasting; thanks, Emily!
   So Davin and Molly left town at the end of June with Davin's brother, Teague.  It was great to have good friends very close by for so long.  However, visas expire and people land jobs (way to go, Davin!).  We're actually renewing our visas right now to legitimize another year here (living the Chilean dream).
Part Bowie, part B-52s, Of Montreal
   We saw an awesome concert the other night at a small venue in Parque O'Higgins.  Of Montreal was playing with Fredi Michel.  We had front row spots for both shows.  Of Montreal put on a fun, energetic, androgenous, and super-hip show; we'd strongly recommend you see them live if you can.  Fredy Michel was not very good, they attempted to make up for lack of musical creativity by having a semi-attractive frontwoman basically strip-dancing.  She was not a very good dancer.
Filmed in a TGI Fridays, this is stereotypical
American according to Argentines
Some of the other models, the Japanese guys were super
fun.  The Italian woman was clearly popular.
   So I did land that gig as a model for Quilmes in Buenos Aires.  It was incredible.  They flew me out on Sunday night, paid my visa fee ($160), and a man with a sign picked me up.  The company put me up in a swank downtown boutique hotel (+free breakfast!) and gave me a big wad of cash (per diem too?!).  It turned out that they had flown in a bunch of models from LA for the commercial too, so I had plenty of fun/beautiful people to hang out with.  They were all very excited for me and accurately summed up the experience, "Everyone is going to be super nice to you and you won't have to pay for anything."  By Wednesday, when they flew me back, I was exhausted but in a very good way.  The commercial/paycheck should arrive in about 2 months.  I strongly recommend international male modeling to whoever is considering it.
Sara making a serious Aww face at the market

   Sara was a real trooper about not showing how angry she was that I was living like that while she was doing real work here in Santiago.  I have a completely newfound respect for her and all elementary school teachers after having worked as a 5th grade substitute on Friday.  That is a ton of work and those kids need a lot of attention.  
Vale's (late) birthday dinner
   We had a bunch of fun the last two weekends with friends, newer and older, going to dinners, BBQs, and bars.  We've also been preparing ourselves for our vacation to Buenos Aires & Montevideo.  We leave tomorrow, so today has been busy busy busy.  We'll be back on the 21st, so hopefully we'll have pictures and adventures to post then.  Until then, we hope all is well with you and that your summer (or winter for the Chilean readership) is going swimmingly.  As a final note, the video below was taken during a particularly cold night.  We had not seen this here before.


  1. Wow that video is rad! But those people must be cold. Even more rad is your international male modeling career, Matt. Can't wait to see the commercial! This blog post is making me super jealous of Teague (bc he's beaten us down to visit) and SUPER excited for our trip next January...

    Have so much fun in Buenos Aires! xoxo

  2. This is truly the dream MLK spoke of. I concur with VA's "rad" assessment for that video, what a cool reminder "HEY, WE'RE NOT IN AMERICA!" I also concur with incredible amounts of jealousy. Like the boat in Kid Rock's fantasy, you all are chilling the most. Enjoy Argentina, even if on your own dime!