Monday, April 15, 2013

Been a While, Eh?

Out for dinner to celebrate 4 years as a couple, I had the turkey.
   Hey, people.  Matt here.  I'll try to keep the writing inversely proportional to how long we've gone w/o an update.
   Summer is ending here, but we've been making the best of it.  We've been going to parties, getting outside, seeing music, hanging with friends, making new friends, getting older, and generally improving.  To the evidence!

At an asado at Charlie's.  Ostra has a funny smile.
Out for my 29th birthday.  The restaurant is shaped
like a submarine!

After my first trad lead in Cajon del Maipo.
I've never seen such a high concentration of
women as at a women's race.  I wish I had
thought of that as a younger man.
   We've been fairly active of late.  Sara competed in her first race with a bunch of her girlfriends a few weeks ago.  We've also joined an ultimate frisbee league.  Sara also got us tickets to the Chile v. Uruguay World Cup qualifier, which was really fun.  I even got a jersey from the cat!  Activity requires rest, so we went up to Will's house in La Serena, a beach town about 5 hours north of Santiago.  It was great.  We ate a ton of food and had a lot of laughs.  It lived up to all the stories that Will used to tell in college.
Sara, Harvey, and a champagne post-run.
Ina, Sara, Will, Mashini, and Kendal.
We ate so much good food off this table.

Buddha looking to score asado scraps from Will.

This really sums up the La Serena experience.  Mashini at the casino.

Beachtown = obligatory beach shot

Sad to leave.

Lauren, Jess, Sara, and Pao.
 For my birthday, Sara got us tickets to Lollapalooza.  It was great.  We saw a ton of good music over the 2 days of the festival and spent a lot of fun times with friends.  Personal favorite shows were Alabama Shakes and Nas.  I unfortunately saw MANY of my students from the school at the festival.  Luckily I did not see, nor was seen doing, anything irresponsible.  Going to work was pretty rough on Monday, the kids looked worse.  
I'm such a good photographer; thanks, Good Doctor.

Sara and Pao at Of Monsters and Men

Lauren, Chris, Sara, Vale, and Pao.  I forget which show.
Must be all that Coca Cola we were drinking.
   That about does it for me.  I'm sure Sara has something that she would want to say, but she's at a conference right now.  Many congratulations to our friends, Beth & Alan, on the birth of their first child!  We're buying plane tickets home soon, so we'll be able to let people know exactly when we'll be in the US.  You're missed, please do a better job than us in letting us know how you are and what you've been up to.

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