Monday, September 26, 2011

34 hours and counting!

Poolside retirement
We told you that you'd make the internet, Alex & Harry!

Abercrombie & Fitch audition

     For the last week, we've been truly enjoying our retirement (sans-golf cart) in sunny Florida.  The elderly have been quite kind, letting Matt take their money in poker at the senior center and wishing us the best of luck.  Spending time with the Boyoraks is always eventful.  We've seen Mexican Elvis at the 'Super Flea' market, ooed and awwed at the various birds on
Beach babe
the lake, watched the sunrise over the Atlantic, and even saw a shark get caught in Cocoa Beach.  Our tans have gotten darker (meaning Sara is tan, Matt is red/less pale) and our spirits more and more excited.  Spending all that time at the beach and pool will do that.  It was also very good to finally be able to use the Vitara as it was meant to be used.   
A different kind of retirement
   Packing (again) last night was annoying but helped finalize the big trip.  Luckily, we're able to take two 32kg/70lb checked bags each (clothes for Sara & gear for Matt)   We leave this morning for one final trip to visit Matt's Aunt Teri before leaving from Miami tomorrow.  We're looking forward to seeing Will Smith surrounded by all his chickies, Dexter's vigilante justice, and/or cocaine cowboys while we eat Cuban sandwiches in the harbor.
Yes, they are still alive.
   Oh, did I mention we saw Modern English (the original members) play at Melbourne's Fall Fest?  Yes, they did play "Melt With You" and made several jokes/comments about being past their prime.  We hope we never perform at a Fall festival.  
    Goodbye, USA.  Hola, Chile!

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  1. dear Sara, really enjoyed having you and Matt here in our abode in sunny Florida!we did a lot of fun things and wrinkled our fingers in the pool a lot.we are really going to miss you two!we hope all your adventures in Chile are enjoyable and worthwhile. we will check your blog to keep us updated. love, dad and mom xxxooo