Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Visas in! Tickets purchased!


Spending one last afternoon on Eddie's Parade
Two Thursdays ago, we left our sad, empty apartment in Harlem.  Though it was tough to leave the city we've known for so many years, our adventures are just starting!  We've been traveling throughout the Northeast, beginning in Maine to New Hampshire to Vermont.  We are now spending time with the Uphams and Hubens in Connecticut.  We will be here until the 14th of September, then we will travel back into NYC to pick up our temporary resident visas at the Chilean consulate.  Last night we purchased our plane tickets to Santiago, making it officially FOR REAL(Z)!  We are leaving from Miami on September 27th.  We will first fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a 3 hour lay-over and finish up in Santiago, Chile.  

We've been having a blast visiting family and friends these past few weeks.  From late-night manhunt at Uncle Billy's to climbing/struggling up Mt. Adams to serious muddin' on the ATVs in Granby, we couldn't be happier not to be working (sorry fellow educators).  But, alas, it hasn't been easy to say goodbye to close family and friends.  We are so thankful to everyone who's spent time with us and wished us safe and exciting travels.  

P.S. 64 girls: Sara, Tara, Maureen and Maria at the Red Rooster in Harlem

Here are some photos from the last few weeks.  We will post more before leaving the States.  Thanks again for all your well wishes! 

Thad, Mike, Matt, Joey & Brandon, current or former educators at GILPP

Welcome to the world, Nate!

Read on, girls!  Sara, Katie, Caitlin, Gretchen and Danielle

Sara, Alicia and Gabby
Sara and Baby Grace

Uncle Billy, Sara, Jacob, Lily and Blake at the Northeast Folk Festival

Sara and Renee

Aunt Valerie, Sara and Uncle Dwayne at Travis' wedding

Matt and Sara + the happy couple (Kelsey & Travis)

Roadhouse with Hayden, Blake, Richard, Sherry, Lily, Sara and Matt

Allison and Sara (Check out those feathers!)

Trivia Champions at The Liberal Cup: Jonathan (aka Yokie, Julie, Matt and Sara)

Sara pre-climbing Mt. Adams (the smile gives it away)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX07j9SDFcc (3:06)

Matt and Sara following Virginia and Dan ATVing in Granby

Way cooler than the moto-bikes in Harlem

KOHD earning his bacon from Sara

Dan, Matt and Jon Bellmore


  1. This is really neat Sara! I love it! I love you. Love,Dad.xxxooo

  2. looking forward to seeing you and matt before you lrave for chile! love, dad xxxooo

  3. Great photos!! Hope all went well with the visa pickup & the next leg of your travels!!

  4. Can't believe you're out of the Northeast, except i can because you are! What a world, looking forward to more of your reports from it.