Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not there yet

   After a great week in CT, we've made the 
Angry-sexy, hungry, happy, yellow
final leg of the trip down to FL.  We've done all the required pre-journey items: drinks with friends, dinner with family, visa complications in NYC, sleepover with Bill Robinson, and even a stop at South of the Border ("You never sausage a place; 
everyone is a wiener!").  
Silliest picture of the Uphams ever
   CT family and friends will be sorely missed, but the time together was well spent.  Rock climbing, relaxing, and reveling in Uncle Matt's stinky feet was the order of the day.  We were very glad to be out of NYC quickly as we almost didn't get our visas (advice: get your visa well in advance of leaving your residence).  Making our way into the South was slow, but steady (the southern way).
Bluff chipwich
   We're looking forward to a sunny week in the sun-filled Sunshine State (Florida in case you didn't get it) with the Boyoraks.  We leave next Tuesday from Miami....GULP!  Sh*t is real(z).  We might fit in one more update before we go, or you'll soon see pictures of us in skinny Chile.  FYI - Sept. 18th was Chilean Independence Day; Libertad!

The hat was not bought

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